Library Room

The reading characteristics of children of different ages should be fully considered when setting up the environment of reading rooms in kindergartens. For example, the reading interests of children in small classes should be taken into full consideration. Middle and big classes of children’s reading habits.
The reading area that is putting desk and chair, animal small round stool, the short square desk and chair that sit together, young teacher people saw the mystery among them at a glance!

Library Room​
Art Room​

Art Room

Art class generally undertakes the educational significance of cognition, creation, and cooperation. The first thing is to let children know about daily necessities and things beautiful in the environment. Let children try to express their love and closeness to beautiful things by language, expression, and action, and cultivate children’s perception of beauty. Secondly, it encourages children to try and explore different tools and materials, allowing children to imagine and create through different forms of artistic expression, which can not only decorate and beautify the environment but also stimulate their creative power. At the same time, children communicate and cooperate to complete a work together, which can enhance their communication ability and prepare them for their integration into the collective and society

Reception Room

The design of the reception room in the kindergarten classroom tend to be ignored, the kindergarten is commonly used in kindergarten reception guests attending the meeting of the guest room use, as part of the show the image of the kindergarten important content, the design of the reception room to fully embody the kindergarten’s own characteristic and the concept of kindergarten, the reception room is kindergarten foreign exchange platform, the guests in the reception room will be the most intuitive cognition on the kindergarten

Reception Room​
Waiting Area​

Waiting Area

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