Knowledge is the ladder of human progress, and reading is an important and best way to understand life and acquire knowledge.

And reading needs a good environment to ensure that children are in a happy mood and concentrate on reading. So how to design the corner of the kindergarten reading area that carries the function of cultural transmission and accumulation?

The selection of the corner positions of the reading area is appropriate. In the design process of an ideal kindergarten reading area, four basic conditions should be met: quietness, sufficient light, within the sight range of children, and suitable space.

1: Reading corner in a quiet atmosphere
It is also an activity for children to read picture albums in the corner of the reading area. It should create a soft indoor atmosphere for children, which is beneficial to the physical and mental development of children. Therefore, in the design of the corner of the kindergarten reading area, the lighting is soft or facing south, and noise should be avoided.

2: Light-colored reading area corner
In terms of color selection for the corner environment of the reading area, you can choose cool colors such as blue, purple, and green, or white, pink, and yellow as the main colors. These colors are fresh and elegant, which are easy to make people feel calm. You can also arrange some floor mats, emerald green plants, and simple bookshelves.

3: Light Design
In order to protect the eyesight of young children, the corner of the reading area should have sufficient lighting, and the light should not be too dazzling. The design of the window, and the height of the window sill should also be specially designed according to the height of the child, so as to provide a convenient environment for the child.

05: Bookshelf Height Design
In the design of the corner of the reading area in the kindergarten, choose the bookshelf arrangement that is suitable for the height of the child, and respect the cognitive habits of the child.
The open bookshelf design allows children to freely access their favorite books, allowing children to freely access books and develop a good habit of independence.

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