As parents pay more and more attention to the education of their children, there are more and more training centers for children. The criteria for parents to choose a training center has become a concern for many practitioners in the education industry, and it is also a research focus for design companies. Today, let’s take a look at the design requirements of the classroom!

1. Educationalization of environmental design

Children’s cognition of the surrounding environment is mainly obtained through contact with the environment to promote feeling, perception, attention, memory, etc. Therefore, the design of the children’s training center should pay attention to the educational nature of the environmental design, and provide children with access to knowledge and education The environment promotes children’s cognition of the world.

2. The openness of the graphic design

Modern education attaches great importance to children to carry out activities independently and independently, so it is very necessary to fully understand children’s hobbies. In the design of children’s training center, graphic design should follow the principle of openness, aiming at allowing children to establish good interpersonal relationships through communication activities with others.

3. The fun of space design

The curiosity of the surroundings is a child’s natural characteristic, and it is this psychological characteristic that continuously promotes the child’s development. Therefore, in the design of children’s training institutions, it is necessary to try to create some interesting spaces, and some novel design techniques can be used to make public auxiliary spaces play an unexpected effect.

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